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Ekg came back fine?

I was feeling really bad during my doc visit monday. I felt like my heart was having trouble. It felt like it was a little acid mixed with pressure around it. Ekg he said was great, so did the young lady who did it. What??? I couldnt believe what i heard! At least the stress test tomorrow will tell the whole truth. Very anxious about that because i know what my heart will do when i run. So i'll just do my best! Thats all i can do!

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Yes try your very best but good to hear ypur ekg came back normal


Hey there :)

Good to hear your results came back ok.

Have you considered taking up mindfulness? It's a form of meditation that keeps you in the present and keeps things calm.

Two years ago I was a complete mess, very anxious, panic attacks.

I had CBT from my doctor and start mindfulness. Now I feel heaps better, I do mindfulness every morning and evening.

There are a few apps/websites to choose from but the one I do is

Hope this helps and good luck :)


thanks very much!


Thanks it went great today, the treadmill thing i went through the whole test i was dog tired but i got through that with no palps i was so shocked! it almost like my heart is playing tricks on me. I had 6 really bad palps between the stress test and mondays dr visit but today, nothing weird!


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