Living with Anxiety

Finally went to doctor!

I finally went to the cardiologist today after making an appointment. I was really feeling like my heart was about to explode even though i wasn't anxious. I was prepared for some bad news but I got good news so far. I have to go back Wednesday to do my very first stress test. Very nervous because I can't run or do strenuous activity without the major palps and fibrillations, so kinda nervous about this stress test. All should go well!

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Hey good job on making it to the doctors

The stress test will sooth your thoughts of it is anxiety.

When you do exercise do you keep hydrated? Sometimes drinking Gatorade or something like it is better then water when working out.

Or your mind is constantly looking for the palps when you are exerting yourself that you feel them because of the anxiety.

Either way I wish you luck and good health on your upcoming appointment :)


Thank you so much! I will keep that in mind! Had six big palps since my doc visit on Monday but i will get through it. I just want to know what exctly is wrong with my heart and see whats available. Thnks again!


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