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does anybody have this?

Hi there

Iam 33 years old and have suffered from anxity since i was 18 , i have recently been unwell due to my ears, Ive been getting really bad dizzie spinning sensations i collapse at home one morning due to a migraine as it was so painfull and it lasted for 3 days and i couldnt sleep so i collapse due to sleep deputation, went to to hospital and thy checked my bloods, heart etc or come back normal.

I have a ent appointment next week for my ears, but i keep on getting really bad anxity is this down to my ears or is this anxity?

My symptoms

headache,tied, low energy, pain when swallowing, dizziness, ringing in the ears,

Does anybody eles suffer from this?

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The fear is anxiety. The dizziness MAY be caused by anxiety, but considering the severity, good call on seeing an ENT. I have heard of anxiety causing spinning dizziness/vertigo. But vertigo is often associated with the ears. But if the doc says it's clear than anxiety is definitely a suspect.


Thank you,


I can't say that I suffer from that, however, when I have anxiety attacks or panic attacks, I have dizzy spells and I get really bad ringing in my ears. I hope everything turns out ok for you. I've been suffering from anxiety for 20 years now and today is a bad day but I'm determined not to give in to it. Blessings to you my friend!


thank you


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