Living with Anxiety

What do I do now?

For the past year and a half my anxiety has been out of control. Now I have this constant nervous feeling in my stomach. I get excited or nervous about something and I am overcome by an avalanche of emotions that ends up with a giant knot in my stomach. Then I don't feel well, I get too scared to eat and sleep and end up completely run down in a few days. I just finished graduate school and I was expecting this weight to be lifted, now I'm scared my anxiety is never going to go away. How can I live the rest of my life with these feelings? I just want to disappear. Any good advice out there?

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The more you fear the more the anxiety will linger even though I know it is easier said than done not to feel fear

Sometimes anxiety can be come a habit that even when are stress has lifted we are still left with it but believe me it does get better :-)

Have you been & spoken to your GP as there are so many therapies now that you really should take advantage of , go & let them know how you are feeling

Take Care




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Thank you for your words. I have spoken with GP and need to reach out for therapy. When I have good days it definitely sits on the back burner. I need to be more proactive.


I was about to ask the same but my nervous feeling is in my chest I fear I'll loose control like I did recently :(

This helped I know we have to push forward and get past the fear.

Hard to do but not impossible thank you


I too suffered with the nervousness in my stomach for a few weeks, it has now gone although I still suffer from anxiety, so I would like to let you know it will go it's just not nice when you have it, hope you start to feel better soon,


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