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Shoulder Pain - Doing my head in!

Hello lovely friends :) I've not been on here for a while, life has been busy and I am starting a new placement at the NHS next Tuesday. This weekend I am off to London to see my Brother Simon which I am looking forward too.

For a few days now my right shoulder is sore, not too sore but it's a pain. I am also feeling shaky, like I'm cold (I know it's cold but it's doing my head in) I know it's all down to being cold but I do worry. Does anyone else suffer with this in winter!? I haven't got time to see my doctor before I go to London tomorrow but I am will keep an eye on it and keep warm!

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hi cardiff, you need to keep yourself warm as you can , take ibubruffen tablet for your sore arm, when cold sets in you can feel it in your bones, hope you enjoyed meeting up with your brother .jasper xxx


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