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Anxiety getting too much:(

I'm getting really anxious over everything lately, it's every day over stupid things, im really starting to get annoyed over it! My CPN wants me in anti depressants to help but my GP won't let me ave anything untill I gain weight. I'm really stuck on what to do to, I hate constantly having the nasty feeling that something is going to go wrong and just worrying/panicking.

I'm sick of it, I've had enough, the last couple of days My mood has been very low and I've just cried and cried.

Seriously not coping anymore.

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It is really annoying when our anxiety has reached a peak where we feel everything & anything is making us feel anxious but usually when it gets to this stage it has no where else to go & slowly things start getting better

I would be very confused if my CPN was saying meds would be a good thing yet my doctor was saying I needed to put more weight on first , you must feel like piggy in the middle with the two professionals that are there to give you support

Maybe they could correspond between each other & come to a decision with their own professional experiences which would be best for you , I think I would ask one or the other if they would if it were me as that would cause me to feel anxious been undecided which one was giving the best advise

I would go & have a talk with my GP & be honest with them just how bad you are feeling at the moment & I hope you get all the support you need & things will get better , you are not alone so many of us can relate to exactly how you feel & I am sure more will reply & reassure you to x


I all sounds a bit confusing and not very helpful. Maybe you do need to go back to your doctor and explain exactly how you feel and ask what they suggest. Also ask your CPN if they have any other suggestions or if it is possible for them to talk to the doctor Would it be possible to have some kind of talking therapy?



Thankyou to you both, my GP is very reluctant to give me any medication at all due to me recently being diagnosed with anorexia. I am scoring very high on the questionnaires my CPN gives me on each vist, but she said if my GP won't let me have the meds then she can't override her decision sadly. My CPN is trying to gather more information for a refferral to have CBT in hope it will help and they are getting secondary services involved.

I think my GP is trying to cover her back to be honest, and I would aswell in her position, she said maybe secondary services may prescribe something but she doesn't want to take the chances of something happening:(

For now I guess I'm just left extremely anxious and stressed constantly. X


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