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Heartrate goes crazy

Rapid heart rate upon waking up 158 bpm??

Went out last night dancing a few drinks then come home go to sleep woke up to a rapid rate that just kept on going up.

My feet are hurting from the heels I wore and my top thighs are hurting from probably dancing my left side of the chest has been hurting I don't know if that's what is sending me into a panic but the first time I woke up took a lot out of me a slept a few hours after it I wake up right now the same thing only this time my heart rate monitor said 30 something born and it sent me into a panic because I also could not breath

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Hi Yaz, first off I hope you enjoyed your time out. Maybe the excitement from the night has kept you from resting, but try and relax. If you had a good time hold on to the good feelings and try not to worry to much about the rest. Practice deep breathing and meditation to help in these though patches. This too shall pass.


Thank you Petita

I ended up going to the hospital in hysterics yelling I was going to die :( they ran a bunch of test even a ct Angiam of the chest since my blood test showed possible blood clot they tested my heart for heart attack nothing but the monitor showed tgem that my heart was indeed going crazy I asked them if that was dangerous they said no just uncomfortable for a person they have me on beta blockers and I have to see a cardiologist

Thanks you again for ur reply



Hi Yaz, I hope today is a better day and that once you see the cardiologist they are able to help you.


Hi Petita,

A lil better just anxious I'm expecting it to happen again. My heart feels like it wants to go against the beta blocker and beat fast again :(

Why? Why? Is this happening? The night I had my date night, my son even told me as I was dropping him off with his grandparents that he wanted me to stay didn't want anything to happen to me and that he was going to protect me :( its like he knew.

Thank you i hope so too.




Mornings are the worst for me and I often wake with a pounding heart and my old friend anxiety tugging away at me.

Sounds like you relaxed and had a good time last night and just to get you back your mind decided to give give you a nice panic attack this morning.


Hi Bramwell

It was the biggest panic attack so far if it is that. I went to the hospital they ran I a whole panel of test everything was ok except d dimer showed possible clot and they CTed my chest

They gave me beta blockers since they couldn't figure out the reason why my heart rate would go crazy everytime I stood up and when I just lay there.

As for the monitor :)

I have an accurate app on my phone that helps when working out i felt my heart vibrating decided to check and it was 158 bpm that is not right if u are just sitting

I know I shouldn't but I want to keep it in a just in case scenario you know.

Thank you for your reply :)


PS - Why have you got a heart monitor Yaz? Did your doctor suggest one? If not I would put it in the bin.

Self checking of bodily things will do you no good and only add to your health anxiety - believe me I've been there.

Of course if your doctor said to use it then do but only as directed.


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