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Hi everyone. I just. Wanted to. Ask your. Opinion last october 6,11,14,15 I slept With 4 different men without condom the 3Rd one is my ex boyfriend. He slept with me 15times.but all the men . Mentioned they didn't withdraw.I did pregnancy test last Oct 18 and its negative after. 3days I did a test and it's positive. .how will . Know who's the father. Please don't judge me,I need your advice please. Thanks

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  • This would only be decided by using DNA samples. I'm not sure if this can be done before the baby is born or whether amniotic fluid surrounding the foetus can be withdrawn. You would have to see your gp to discuss this problem. Sorry I can't help any more! But good luck with whatever you decide to do. X

  • Thanks for your comment . Really appreciate it..I decided to abort this i know it's quite hard But really . Dont have a choice.. I can't imagine myself carrying this baby for 9months and this doubt in myself keep haunting me.I hope God will forgive me i already learned my lesson..

  • PS of course you would also need to have DNA from all the men concerned so they could be compared with the baby's.

  • agreed - there really is know way of telling without a DNA test because positive results come back earlier for some than for others. possible you were already pregnant when you did the test on the 18th but it just wasn't showing yet. I would doubt it if you fell pregnant on the 14th or 15th if it was showing up already on the 21st October - much more likely that it was the person on 6th or 11th October. However this is not certain. Good luck with your decision, it must be a really tough time for you. Next time please be more careful and use protection -, not just for risk of pregnancy but risk of infection! I am sure you won't be making this mistake again and best wishes xxx

  • Thanks for that comment and ideas that you've shared:) even i feel guilty about doing this thing.. I really don't have a choice.. I can manage to continue this pregnancy but what i can't handle is that . Know for a fact that one day when this baby will grow up.. I don't know what would . Answer about the existence of the father.. I really prayed to God for His forgiveness :( I really don't have a choice. .thanks to you..

  • Hi cute30. Sounds like you could do with talking this through. Please don't rush into the decision to terminate without exploring your thoughts and feelings. I very nearly terminated my pregnancy due to things being rocky with the father but am so glad now that I didn't. I went for a chat with an advisor at the local Brook centre - was sure I was going to terminate but my friend insisted that I at least talk it through first. The advisor did not try to sway me either way but she did guide me into facing my fears of the pregnancy and deciding what was right for me. Perhaps you could speak to a good friend or a religious person or a Brook counsellor? xxx

  • I agree with you Tazmania..honestly I've been thinking about this thing now for how many days.I know i was really thinking about the abortion.. But still deep in my heart . I have this feeling that whatever mistakes I did I should never deprived the life of this little angel.. I don't care what other people will say the most important thing is . Still choose the right way..only God knows our heart..I'm just lifting this little angel to God whatever His plan into my life..I know it is always for my own good.. Thank you for enlightened me;)God bless

  • Hello

    I agree with what everyone has said ...good advise

    I just wondered as you believe in god so much did this not come into your religious believes that sleeping with 4 men in so many days was against what the bible says ?

  • Plain and simple, paternity have to many people involved so that for sure is your best bet

  • please dont kill your baby,I Know from reading your posts that your not certain about it,and who cares who the father have a little baby who needs you to protect it.please think this through...then its your dicision,xxxx

  • No judgement here! 1st you make sure from this point on that you are careful so that you won't have to go through thiss again and so that you won't get an STD or HIV/AIDS. 2nd, you will have to take a paternity test and be honest with the men that you slept with. Best wishes!

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