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Rude worker new job

Hi I have now realised there is one worker who is younger than me but is quite rude.Forever example last week told me not to clean up and leave it to the children,today we was tidying up and I was going in cupboard quickly to.get a box and she starts saying we can't both be in cupboard and then says how I need to be careful because when two of us outside one needs to be watching children when I was doing both and contradicts me to because when I tell the children not to play with tyres she tells me they are allowed even tho after staff have said they cant and more things to.its a shame because I'm really enjoying the job other than this worker who makes me upset sometimes and dread working with her

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Good evening Invisible,

Glad to see after your illness you took a positive approach and went back to your job.

Dealing with other people has never really been one of my strong points.

Normally in situations like this, you are seen as a threat or a target. Unfortunately your own personality must assess the situation. You must either front it out, difficult I know, succumb but nobody wants to do this or negotiate.

The best example I have seen of this was this week, 2 Alpha Males, Matthew Hoggard took issue with Kevin Pieterson. I don't think your situation is as dramatic but try and have a look at the interview. This may help you to look at your situation.

Are you happy with me sending you a PM?




Hi thank you very much and yes a pm would be great thanks


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