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Warm Back

Hi there guys,

I want to you know if any one else is experiencing this... like a burning/ warm sensation in your back? its so nerve raking i dont know if i just strained my back or what.. but i get it maybe thrice a week sometimes everyday.... its so annoying...... doctors just say its the muscles...... I just cant takit anymore....... it feels like i put vicks on gets worst when i stress........

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Sounds like a muscle problem

If you are picking up your young child that can keep aggravating it & bending etc , muscles can be complex things when we have problems & take a while to settle down

Not sure how much Vicks will help but if you can get something like deep heat that will help a lot better x


Hello. Sometimes I get a tingly feeling in my upper back, at first it was worry some but as time went by it lessened. I read that it can be a symptom of anxiety and the less I focused on it the less I felt it so I'm guessing for me it is part of the anxiety. Magneseum supplements might help you if its a muscle issue or at least aliviate the symptoms. Hope you feel better.


Thanks so much guys you have put my mind at ease :)



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