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Have had gerd/reflux symptoms for a couple days with chest pains they aren't from a panic attack but they are constant unusual pains

Have had gerd/reflux like symptoms for a couple days with chest pains and sometimes shallow breath they aren't from a panic attack but they are constant unusual pains could they be brought on by the anxiety and stress? Went to ER last night ekg fine and chest X-ray fine it is discomforting. anyone else had these?

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If you've had everything checked out and all came back clear,I'd say it is anxiety related.

Have you taken indigestion medication,like gaviscon or Rennies.?

Try to breath slowly and deeply.

Hope you find some ease with your symptoms

Take care x


I took some tums today thank you for your reply


Yes, I had that! Spent an evening at A&E having ECG's and chest x-rays just to be told it's 'probably indigestion'. Kind of tight chested, not wheezy, but like you can't fully inflate your lungs?

Mine turned out to be caused by anxiety, indirectly anyway. When you get anxious, you tense up. Hunched shoulders, tight muscles. It causes a lot of tension in your upper back, which in turn causes tension across your chest - giving you pains in your chest wall muscles and a tight feeling across your ribcage. Annoyingly, I found that my chest muscles pulled most when I relaxed, and stopped tensing - which made me panic, and off I went again. The more you worry, the more anxious you become, and the more you notice the symptoms.

Take comfort in the fact that you know that it's not your heart or lungs, accept what the hospital have told you. Stop every now and then and make a conscious effort to relax and drop your shoulders.

It'll ease off soon. (:

Emma xx


I have the same problem I had 7 Ekg's 6 chest x-rays and a CAT scan of my chest I been to the ER 6 times for chest pains this past 3 months the first time I went they Told me I had GERD and anxiety.

I take maalox plus and tums for the acid reflux you should try some.

Take care


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