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Hello everyone

It's time to remind members old and new about Positive Friday.People who have joined in before know what this is about,but a litptle explanation for any new members.

Anxiety can make us feel low and only focus on the negative,so on Friday we have a post called Positve Friday,all are welcome to join in and let us know of 1,2,3 or more things that have happened this week to cheer us up,made us feel happier or just made us smile.It doesnt matter how big or small it is.

I would like to welcome new members to post their positives,or just come on and say hello :-)

Looking forward to reading all your positives this week :-) Going to make this an open post,so hopefully will have more people will join in.

Love anne

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Hey Anne,

Doing a brilliant job of this!

I'll be there! Thanks for our chat x


Your more than welcome.Thank you for the lovely comment.

See you Friday

Love Anne xxx


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