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The Boy Want's to be Back in Town

Afternoon all,

I trust and hope everyone is as bright eyed and bushy tailed as can be?

Managed to sort my world, well almost out then as we all know it comes back with a vengeance. Hospital appointments loom twice a week, but to those who care not serious, they still won't class me as having a disability, even as minor as mine is.

I think I may be in the process of being shunted from one budget to another but whats new with that. Also at my tender age have become a student, another daunting prospect, but still have to fill my days and at least my typing is getting better, blisters on 8 fingers now not just 2!

I have to be honest, sometimes I find it really difficult to post on

either of sites. Yes we've all been there, been through it before, we all need to communicate to help each other, we all should show solidarity with the illness we have that nobody else accepts, I have always been grateful of that in the past.

However for the last month I have been dealing with the relationship of a menopausal woman. Far to old for her target for tonight, a guy, a good friend of mine who I think I've mentioned before, he suffers more than most of us, that she demands in her life.

Yes it's their call, yes it's their lives, but how long can you listen to and give support to some deranged bint going on about he's the only one, I love him and then the cry for help and then listen to all those suicidal thoughts, when within the same period the flowers are still fresh for someone, near to the bus shelter he lived by, who was mentally ill, who did need help and failed by the authorities and us as well.

I know I will get some positive feedback as I always do.

Take care all



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Hello there , glad to see you are back :-)

Before you reply I will warn you I am not feeling very well & I am menopausal so watch out :-D

Well a young student hey , you will be having your earphones in next & putting a bit of Will-i-am on & ding a few back flips :-D

Seriously though good for you really pleased for you as it sounds like it has given you something to focus on & channel your energies in & that always helps to keep the anxiety away from the door

What course are you doing ?

Supporting your friends or anyone is a tricky one as sometimes there is only so much support you can give & the rest is down to others to put the work in as I am sure if we could we would do it for them but as you know we can listen but they have to make the changes or get the help & it can drain us while we are giving so much & I have found I can end up neglecting myself & been in a worse place

What I do now when I get in this situation is be honest & ask myself have I done all I can to help & if the answer is yes I have to take a step back & just pray that everything will workout alright for them

OK then I will be quite now , my answer may not have been of any use but I did warn you at the beginning of the reply how I was feeling :-/

But wanted to let you know I had read your post :-)





Oh no Why Why not you as well!!!

Seems I've been living with this problem for so long. Could it be that that's making me so anxious? That's life I suppose!

Some people carry it off better than others.

Sorry headphones, yes but Will-i-am no, to much a rocker.

Ahh, courses. Well yes I finally did take the plunge and am starting an OU degree in history next week. Through my interest in other things, and you may well be interested in this, I found that the OU has a spin off, so I'm studying Irish Lives, Hadrian's Wall and 2 writing disciplines.

That should fill my life, together with my physio visits, oh and I'm researching the Battle of France, to track down 6 vehicles. Don't you just love the internet.

Take care



Yes me as well , it seems never ending , I do think it could be having an effect on you though :-/

Wow very intellectual courses those are :-o

You sound very enthusiastic though which is nice to read , you will have to let us know how it goes :-)

Keep popping on & saying hello , don't be a stranger & support is always needed even though that is a little more typing & a few more blisters for you :-/



Always worth getting blisters for you!!

I hope I'll be able to pop in and out, do like parts of the new lay out, have some of us, dare I say the old guard been moved onto our own site, does seem that way.

As for me being intellectual, no just the same old me, stressing, wheezing and hobbling my way through life.



Oh you are a charmer still :-D

The new layout is different , I was ok ish with it till they added the bell which I find irritating :-D

I think you are more intellectual than you think :-/



The bell? You just want some one to ring it!

I'll check my address book for a Mr Will-i-am.

Why Why, you may be right, but being told I'm an intellectual does not fit well on my shoulders. You have to view things in a different way, my problem, our problem doesn't help with that, but it's nice to be told it by someone else.

Take care.


Oh sorry must go the reason for my earlier post is on the phone. I'm going outside. I may be some time.


Well if you find Mr Will-i-am in your address book let him no he can ring my bell any time :-D



Going through all those pages.

You'll cause more blisters on my fingers.

Please keep this post open, I may need some advice later.

Any way what is intellect. I've been viewing the thoughts of so called intelligent people for the last 3 weeks, to be honest they have been so bigoted. Absolutely no thought at all to other peoples views. If you are not with us, you are against us.

To be honest so glad I know where home is, and also we discuss on this site and listen before comments are made.

We may have problems but how lucky we are.




Why gave you some brilliant advice :D

Just want to let you know I've read your post and hope things look up for you ;)

Have a good day :D xx


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