Living with Anxiety
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Anxiety about getting back on track?

Because of the loss of my mother, bestfriend and nana to death, I developed severe insomnia, depression, anxiety and suicidal tenancies. I took several months talking to my dad about making the decision of ending school in my Junior year.

I hadn't been able to get up to go to school for at least an entire year anyway, even though I tried, when I was there I was unable to sit, walk, talk or work on anything and the teachers as well as the counclers were mean, angry and only wanted to get medicine shoved into my face.

So I left. And planned on taking the test to get my GED when I turn 18 (in five months). But then I thought about, how much more beneficial it would be to instead when I turn 18 take online high school. Sure it might set me moving out and such back a year or so, but at least I will learn things.

I have to wait till I'm 18 though because the online high school for those under 18 here where I live won't take me due to my condition. They aren't actually saying that's why but... we already know they aren't taking me because they don't believe I would actually do the work.

Which they are wrong about! I love to do school work, I'm just more comfortable at home. I can't go back to my old school because me and my dad just do not like the school. They don't care about students they only care about their record. I was miserable there.

But I'm really nervous and anxious even though I have 5 months to think on it.

I wouldn't know where to begin finding an online High School that will take me and that won't cost a lot of money... We hardly have money for things as it is.

Has anybody else went through this? Would anyone know how to find schools that will take me and have good payment plans? (ie $50 a month?)

How can I get past being afraid to move on in my life and take on adulthood?

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1st of all sorry what you are going through. :(

Does your school offer continuation classes/school?

You are from the states?

They should offer that for free.

I know in Cali it is but if you are under 18 after there is a small fee.

In certain states it's different so look up your options through the school district.

I know it's not much help but at least points you in the right direction :)

Take care stay strong




It's not my school anymore, haven't gone in almost a year now. They want nothing to do with me and I them. I'm just waiting till I'm 18 to apply for online high school. I tried for my states k12 they won't take me because of my condition.

Thanks for your support ❤


Hi Michelle

Now your in the USA so I don't know

Your system, is there any social worker dealing with you who would advise you.

Maybe your father can help you with this too, try Googling it. Could you not try another

School, as its nit good to be alone so much, and

Later on in life you will have to join a college of some sort.

Good luck

Hannah x


Well, I am planning on online college after I get my diploma.

There aren't any schools around me I can go to.

Which is why I'm going to go online diploma courses once I turn 18.

I've always just felt better and worked better outside of a school.

Thanks though!


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