Living with Anxiety



Hi guys, how r you all?

Feeling down again and guess where I find myself here again :)

Been busy lately

All of a sudden bam anxiety and OCD intrusive thoughts.

I'm glad I have you all

You all make me feel welcome

Seems like only you guys can understand me which is really a relief. Anxiety OCD come and go ... And repeat... How do you guys really overcome it? When you get to this point what do you do to gain composure back?

Kisses and love

Elle girl

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Hi Elle :-)

I thought you had been quite & pleased to read you have been keeping busy & up to today have been coping well :-)

I think for me what I try & remember is that anxiety that brings these thoughts & feelings are always going to try & get in as they don't like it when we have dismissed them but when they do , I try & accept them & say come on then do your worse , I know what you are ( anxiety ) and I am not going to be afraid

When you challenge it in that way it can make it go back where it belongs in the past

It is not easy I know but the more we practice it gets easier :-)

Take Care





Hi whywhy :)

It's nice to hear from you. I'm always here and when I'm quiet I'm still here. Always reading this page coz you guys are like my invincible family.

But seriously, it's like I know this is not real. But it's still bothering me. It's like I'm scared to be scared. It's like I'm worried i might think of anxious things then voila then it starts the whole hideous cycle!


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