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well,look what I done!

Photo will maybe only be on for a wee while,hated that profile one,

Been having a bad day and I,m thinking it is going to get some will remember I maybe told you my Ipad would not work,well it cant be repaired ,I was told to get in touch with Apple and explain that it was only 2 years old and only has had very light usage,Well phoned them last night and they were very helpful but it was an Portugal call centre,Trying to help me she told me to switch on Ipad and she would talk me through it,was hard trying to explain it did not even switch on,it had like shut down and did nothing,the repair shop I had took it to could not get it to connect to anything,the call centre tried from their end but no joy so told me to take it to my nearest Apple shop and if I wanted they would replace it with a new one at a much reduced price,(about £160 cheaper)I was willing to do that but,my own fault,I had not taken any steps to back up photos ,files ect.All my best photos are on it,I was at Canada in september at a family wedding and all the photos are on my Ipad.I had a one day visit when there with my sister and husband who live further north in Canada,they are in their 80,.s.i last seen them 20 years ago,photos are on Ipad,I can only hope my son-in-law here has some copies.The nearest Apple shop is a daunting 30min train journey away,it is in Glasgow,and you need an appointment to go!when I tried to make the appointment this morning I phoned only to be told I can only do it on the internet,I know I am using my laptop at the moment but I told them i could not use my IPAD to make the appointment I was told it was the only way I could make one.Story of that 40 minutes later I... was still trying to make one .Didnt know my ID for apple or my password to get in touch with them,tried to get new ones but I only was making a balls up of it!Started crying,ended up bawling my eyes out(I never cry unless I,m really bad)was supposed to be going out a message,cant go now.After about an hour and a half finally made a on line appointment but it is not till next week,my full day has been so frustrated my anxiety is sky high and have fell out with partner over all this.

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Hi Linda,

First of all what a lovely photo of you.

I think I would be like you, I am not very good on computer things let alone trying to do things on the phone.

I think any one even with out anxiety would be stressed out with all what you have had to put up with today.

But just think you have made an appointment and stuck it out, so well done to you.

Sorry to hear you fell out with your partner, hope they understand all you went through today and you both can get back on track.

A good cry is a way to get stress out of your system so will have done you more good than harm I say.

hope you have a calmer evening.

But well done again for sticking with it, you should be proud of yourself.



Hey Lindalou

I am so pleased I have come on & had the pleasure of seeing your picture , not only are you beautiful on the inside , I can now see how beautiful you are on the outside to :-)

Stunning !

Oh this apple thing , son has an iphone , & same here , journey 30 minutes on a train & then appointment only , must be how they do it , which is really silly if you ask me !!!

Would have sent my anxiety up as well & everything you have said I would have reacted just the same fact I think thats the most I have heard you say all at once , except where is jetstar :-D

Now I no this is going to be stressful , but I no you can do it & for my own selfish reasons I wont you to because if you cant get on the internet , I would miss you so much !

And we will be moving back to the UK maybe in the next few days & I have to get you back there :-D

Hope it gets sorted





I have my laptop which I am using the now but it takes so much longer as it is years old,suppose it is better than none at all ,i also find it hard to do apart from the profile photo.And yes,had a bigger row with partner,shouted at him just because I have had a bad day.I have a lot of worries at the moment,they will pass through time,just finding coping hard just now.Hope you all have a good evening.



Well at least you can get on the internet & you have done a good job uploading that photo !

We all tend to shout when we are feeling anxious , I no its not an excuse but I say sorry later if I was in the wrong , which sometimes I am & sometimes I am not as men can be difficult at times :-D

If we can help with the worries we are here :-)



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