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Be Kind

Be Kind. Malecare's simple and sincere holiday message. Be kind. With hear...

Any gay guys with cancer in their 30s?

Between cancer and covid I’m feeling pretty isolated - can anyone relate?

The National LGBT Cancer Project

Good article on our work
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Radical Remission Docuseries

Today is my own interview intermingled with two other Survivors. Watch here if ...

LGBT Cancer , Coronavirus and Covid-19 in ASL

I know many here are members of the deaf or hard of hearing community. Malecare ...

Has anyone here ever made a video or blog post for pharmaceutical company?

Has anyone here ever made a video or blog post for pharmaceutical company?

Please introduce yourself

Let’s get this new year going with self introductions!

Integrative Oncology

If you have questions, we may have some answers at the Feb 27-29, 2020 Annie App...

Cancer Patient Looking to Connect with other similar Patients

I am a gay male in the middle of chemotherapy for lymphoma. I moved to NYC for ...

Talk at SHARE office on Wed, Oct 16.

Hello Friends, for those of you near the SHARE office, I will be giving a talk (...

Sclerotic foci

Hi everyone Just a little worried at the momement I have been in pain for arou...

Cancer concern

I have been suffering with pain in my left thigh for four years now. I have been...

Need advice

I started beeb exhausted 5 years ago and my lymphocytes had been elevated for a ...

Could someone please help me?

Hi. I have been having troubles with my periods since they first started at the...

Please give our community and our group moderator a thumbs up

Please help recognize our community and our leader (me) for the #WEGOHealthAward...

Happy Valentine's Day, from your LGBT Cancer Community.

Happy Valentine's Day to EVERYONE in our community. No matter if you post and r...

Happy New Year LGBT

Hey LGBT community hope everyone has a great New Year regarding our health issue...

Phoenix, Arizona

Anyone in the Phoenix area? I have metastatic renal cell carcinoma. It's lonely...


Have a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year🎄✝️

I am the founder of Annie Appleseed Project

Friends, Our all-volunteer nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project invites you to our ...

Testicular Cancer and Gay Men

Excellent article about Testicular Cancer and Gay men

Looking to chat with gay couple dealing with relationship issues during treatment.

Hi. My name is John and I am currently in treatment for relapsed hodgkin's lymph...

Getting thru taxeol

Just told a month a go it's back for the 4th time. Now to my liver. Partner an I...

Santa Cruz American Music Festival donating 10% of Ticket Sales to The National LGBT Cancer Project

The Santa Cruz American Music Fesival May 27 & 28 at Aptos Village Park in Aptos...

BC- LV area

Anyone in the Las Vegas area?

LGBT Cancer Survivors in the USA—let your voices be heard! 

We are conducting a survey among LGBT cancer survivors to find better ways to im...

need a coffee brake

hello I'm ruth 32 with stage 4 colon cancer... have been fighting it for 3 years...

Advanced prostate cancer here

Was diagnosed in June 2015. Have had radical prostatectomy, have had Zolodex inj...

Deaf breast cancer survivor

Merry Christmas to all who are fighting cancer and survivors :) :) :)

Cancer is Lonely

HI, experiencing a return of breast cancer. was dxd almost a month ago. I will s...
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