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Anyone in the Phoenix area? I have metastatic renal cell carcinoma. It's lonely out here and it would be great to have someone local for companionship and support. Until you have faced cancer it's hard to understand the challenges one is faced with.

Hope you are all enjoying your Holiday with friends and family🎄

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Hey Phxguy, how you doing? I’m on 21st Ave and Camelback. Where are you? I hope you’re doing well.

Maybe we can meet for coffee or something. I have family down right now. So it might be hard to get away. Maybe in January.


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phxguy in reply to Sam08301959

That sounds great! I'm on Central north of Northern. So...we are not that far apart. What type of cancer and stage are you dealing with?

Enjoy the Holidays and your company.


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I have prostate cancer. Diagnosed June 21st 2014 3:34 pm. I’ll never forget that day. Right now I’m in watchful waiting. My PSA jumps up and down so my doctor prompted me to take an MRI of my prostate. Had it done on Friday. Got the results the same day which were not good. Now I have a decision to make.

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Well getting ready to have a bm next week diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera blood cancer. Scared to death. I was diagnosed 3 year's ago. So 😕 hardly much family except for my loving wife and daughter.. Happy New year 2 u also. Maybe we can chat sometime. My Aunt who passed 3 year's ago lived in Golden valley Az very beautiful!

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Hey Michael, I hope you’re doing well. The holidays are over and my sister and her boyfriend finally left today and I am so tired. It’s going to take me a few days to get over this one. Shall we make plans to meet? What’s good for you?