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Cancer concern

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I have been suffering with pain in my left thigh for four years now. I have been to three different doctors and still have no answers. When I first noticed the pain I also had cramps in my lower abdominal and so they sent me for STI and pregnancy tests all came back negative as the years have gone the pain has gotten worse in my thigh. I have had an MRI scan on my spine and ultrasounds and a laparoscopy of my abdomen and nothing has come up one doctor asked if it was in my head and made out I was making it up another said they may never find a reason and I’ll just have to live with it and the other told me to lose weight. Yes I have gained weight over the years but when the pains first started I had no weight issues so don’t know how that could cause the pain although I am on a weight loss journey now.

The pain I feel in the back of my thigh is like as if I am sitting on something hard or that my muscle is tensed and then there is a dull ache at the front.

I am really concerned that no doctor has actually looked into my thigh but feel stupid going back again again as I said it’s been four years.

Has anyone experienced this before?

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I suffered with hip, thigh, legs and knees pain for a lot of years and doctors was not listening to me, so I had xrays of my hips and knees private to find out what was wrong . I have arthritis in both knees and hips . Also found out I have a tumour in my right ischuim and left femoral ( hips ) ... now I'm scared to make an appointment with the doctor to ask what it is etc . Verita life gave me some information on the matter .

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Did the X-ray show the tumour ? Im scared to go back the doctors too I mean I know it’s best to find out but I don’t want to find out bad news

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Salsybar in reply to Pancakes2

Yes 1 on each hip

It's like a stinging pain I get . In my thighs, hips, knees and feet . Really hurts 😣😣😣

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