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If you have questions, we may have some answers at the Feb 27-29, 2020 Annie Appleseed Project conference

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This is a great conference!

I was able to heal of breast cancer by using dietary supplements, an ORGANIC vegan diet, an hour of exercise daily and a personalize Chinese herbal prescription. Prior to the herbs, I had 9 years of continuous tumors, 9 in the left breast and 14 (a bit at a time) after a mastectomy. BUT every single tumor except the first one grew SLOWER than normal cells. This shows us that Epigenetics, the science of how our lifestyle affects our genes, can make a REAL difference. Now 27 years later. No chemo, no radiation, no hormones - I was very chemically-sensitive (still am) at the time of diagnosis in Jan 1993. These topics are discussed at the Annie Appleseed Project conference, and many more.