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Giving thanks

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After celebrating Thanksgiving, I have had some time to reflect on what i have been thankful for in the past year. I am most thankful of the the no sugars and no grains way of eating which has helped me to have more energy and to lose 35 pounds. It's been a great feeling to never feel hungry or weak and in need of food. I vaguely remember when i had hunger pains. If you are reading this and not sure what to do to help your situation, eliminate sugar (any types) and grains. Best of luck to you in the new year. Cheers.

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Well done!

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35lb? Not bad at all!

I know what you mean about hunger pangs etc. While I'm not afraid of carbs and occasionally eat a rice meal, a burger, or pizza, I can't imagine ever going back to the carb-fuelled way of life.

I have to give thanks to this forum, which has informed me of the lchf way of life. I just wonder how many more people out there would benefit from the knowledge. I don’t think lchf is just simply for losing weight it has an impact on your health and well being. I wouldn’t want to go back to eating processed carbs again, I used to love bread and now I don’t know why.

I started eating low carbs almost two years ago when I came down with PMR and needed to start taking Prednisone. I was at the top of my weight and was very afraid of gaining more. I was surprised, as someone who could live on bread alone, that bread cravings disappeared after a few weeks. I lost 25 pounds while taking Prednosone, just short of 20% of my body weight.

However, I got an intestinal bug traveling in Mexico six months ago and for two plus weeks the only foods that I could tolerate were carbs. Sure enough the old cravings came back. Had to go through withdrawal again.

I think carbs are good for soaking stuff up, especially alcohol lol. Although I quit all carbs straight away I still remember how addictive they are and wouldn’t want to begin eating them again as I just might find it harder the second time round. How are you doing now?

I am still having a harder time being as restrictive as I was with carbs first time around. And I’ve put back a few pounds. Trying to find my stable weight and eating pattern.

On the other hand, I have been able to slowly reduce Pred, at 3 now and my energy and strength are pretty good, so not complaining.

I wish all physicians would give PMR GCA patients and anyone on Pred for prolonged treatment the same advice as you have just given. What a difference it makes.

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