Breakfast any tips and other meals really ;)

Hi I'm quite new to this (have done paleo before but got too limited and unsustainable) I'm 5 days in and doing well - touch wood lol.

I am stuck for quick and easy breakfast ideas, I've had scrambled egg for breakfast all week and quite sick of it now couldn't even finish them this morning... so wanted some ideas plus any other meal ideas that would suit a family would be good too *kids aren't on a diet but would be easier to cook for us all instead of different.

Also what are peoples views on alcohol... I know most alcohol if not all is based on sugar or grains basically carbs, but do find it enjoyable to have a little tipple on weekend ;)

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  • Hi great post, Would also like some breakfast ideas that don't include meat or eggs. I don't eat meat ( personal choice not a health or diet reason) and I love eggs but don't want to get fed up of them by having them every morning. Ct320 have you tried mixing different veg and herbs / spices with your eggs to make them more interesting? I sautée veg in a little olive oil for about 5 mins, then scramble the eggs into it. My current favourites are mushrooms with chives, cherry tomatoes with oregano, and bell peppers with chili.

  • thanks I wiil give that a try :) just getting a bit stuck with quick and easy meals but hopefully will be easier when I get in the routine a bit better.

  • Hi Ct,

    I'm completely new to this and have absolutely no idea where to go.

    I would really appreciate some general chat, which would hopefully be mutually beneficial.

    Hope things are going well for you :)

  • Hi I'm not doing too bad...good during the week and slip a bit at weekends but not as bad as I normally would so hopefully enough to see results I have some batteries for my scales now so will see on Monday. What is you're approach? Yes it would be nice to try keep each other on track :) x

  • Hi again, thanks for replying.

    Weekends are always a bit of a problem aren't they :)

    My approach? Good point! :) I'm slowly starting to piece things together with help from people that have responded to my post. I'm brand new to LCHF and have been winging it for 3 weeks. I've got a bit more tweaking to do and then the acid test is to see if I can keep it up. I have to say though, that so far it's been fairly plain sailing. I haven't felt hungry at all and I don't get the cravings I normally suffer from when trying to lose weight. I had a terrible headache for the first few days, but that's gone now and I just need to sort out the constipation! :)

    I'll be weighing in on Monday too, so it works out perfectly for keeping each other accountable :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and fingers crossed for Monday :)

  • Hi Ct,

    Hope your weekend went well with not too many slips :)

    I've lost another 1.125lbs this week, which gives me a total of 9lbs in 3 weeks. I'm really impressed with that, it's been the easiest 9lbs I've ever lost.

    Fingers crossed for your weigh in :)

  • Well done that's brilliant :) read these wrong way round so ive responded to your first message now lol x

  • I downloaded the NHS 12 week plan and joined the weight loss community, but then I read a post from one of the members extolling the virtues of LCHF and it just struck a chord with me. So I ditched the obvious carbs, had a big wobble with the idea of eating fat and took it from there.

    Was really relieved to find this forum, because the science was doing my head in and I needed some human perspective :)

    Hope your weigh in goes well too :)

  • sorry I was on my phone and read the responses wrong way round so ignore half my last message lol I have found this approach beats cravings ... most of the time then when I cave and have carbs it brings them all back :/ as happened

  • Not a master of multi-tasking then ;)

    I'm sure you're right, although as luck would have it, I haven't caved and haven't struggled with missing the old favourites at all. That's a first! :)

  • haha definitely not today blaming Monday lol. that was only half a response and I replied to your post from the weekend too when I realised and that hasn't posted :/ I caved again this weekend really need to change my habits as I have no cravings during week until I slip on the weekend. so I am going to weigh on weds just for this week after I've hopefully got rid of carb bloat as thought I might throw myself off track if I've not made as much progress as I hope. really well done to you its an excellent result you should be really happy with yourself. :) x

  • Is it anything in particular about the weekend that's making you cave?

    I am chuffed to bits with myself :)

  • Think its just my life style really I'm so busy most of the time I like to relax a bit at weekends and go for convenience. I also like to have a little drink to unwind which leads to snacking. think I need to do a batch cooking day and freeze things to warm up when I don't have much time ...but don't have time to fit that in regularly either lol but I am determined so just need to find ways around it :)

  • I understand.

    Every meal I prepare, is at least enough for 4 meals, as there are only 2 of us here, that leaves 2 meals for the freezer, ready for busy times. So I don't do batch cooking per se, but each week I've prepared enough food for another week.

    Casseroles are good meals, because you just throw everything into a casserole dish and leave it for hours :)

    If you've got a slow cooker, you can make yummy meals over night, all ready for the next day :)

    As for the alcohol induced snack attack, maybe a few nuts or seeds, but don't have a whole opened bag to hand, or you'll scoff the lot :)

    Hope this has helped a little.

  • Yeah I do have a slow cooker and use it quite often just need to plan better as I have 4 of us to feed and not a lot of time or money unfortunately but I will get there when I'm used to the adjustment decided I will weigh tomorrow and then keep doing Mondays so we can keep going together :)

  • Good for you, I like that idea :)

  • Weighed this morning I've lost 2lb since I last Weighed at home and 3.6lb since docs need to see on docs scale in a couple weeks and see the real results. ..will keep weighing on mine every week though and keep track. Hope you're well :)

  • Fantastic, way to go you! :)

    I'm very well thank you, still trying to get my meals properly balanced. I seem to be too heavy on the protein and too light on the fat. Need to do a bit more re-jigging :)

  • Hi again,

    Have had an odd week with a lot of bloating and swelling legs. I don't know if it's a side-effect of the diet and whether it's something that will pass in time, or due to a mistake I may be making. However, I've still lost 3/4lb, so it's not all bad news :)

    How are you getting on?

  • Hi sorry I didn't reply last week my son was in hospital and must of missed the notification hope your feeling better... I went for my weigh in at docs last week and I've lost 5lb in 4 weeks so I'm pleased as I've slipped up quite a few times didn't get chance to weigh this morning so will try tomorrow how have you done this week x

  • Oh dear, I hope your son's ok now.

    Well done for losing 5lbs that's a good steady loss.

    I'm happy to report an end to the bloating and a loss of 4.625lbs, which puts me at just over a stone in 5 weeks. LCHF certainly seems to agree with me :)

    Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow :)

  • he is a lot better now thanks :)... that is an excellent loss well done! how much/many carbs do you eat on average? I have been using a carb points scheme and sticking to 10 points a day. I slip up at weekends but if I can lose steadily doing this I am happy lol but I expect it will catch me up soon and I will have to be more strict. fingers crossed for tomorrow as I had a really bad day yesterday :/ x

  • That's great news :)

    I started by calculating all macronutrients using the ratio that Anup gave me with the calories I was supposed to be consuming based on my BMI. I couldn't do it, because a) it was extremely complicated and b) it was way too much food. I just couldn't eat that amount. I now just eat to appetite, which is something of a novelty to me. I eat two meals a day maximum and don't eat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc. I get most of my carbs from vegetables and have got used to using butter and olive oil in my cooking.

    I'm sure that somewhere down the line I shall have to tighten things up a bit, but for the moment, everything's so easy :)

    Tomorrow is always another day :)

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