Terrie Ann 123 Plan


I just wondered if anyone was following this plan or had any information on if it is a healthy option?

I started this diet at the beginning of the year and had incredible results, I lost over a stone in just two weeks. However this soon slowed down as I lost interest quite quickly as this was split between three stages and only two days of each stage were allowed vegetables outside of the 'allowance veg which was basic lettuce, cucumber, mushrooms and peppers.

I am not a big meat eater which is why I most likely tend to loose interest. Is there an alternative version which allows veg on a daily basis?


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  • Hi unicornfairy,

    I have no idea what the Terry Ann123 plan is, but a normal LCHF diet will enable you to lose weight without being restricted to rabbit food! :)

    There are plenty of experts on this site, unfortunately I'm not one of them, who will be able to give you all the scientific info. The best I can do for you, is give you the links to my two posts and hope that they help.

    All the best :)



  • Mention of "Three stages" makes me presume that whatever you tried was on Atkins diet model or its derivative. A simpler stuff that has worked for even Indians, for whom living by LCHF is a bit difficult due to majority not being inclined (religious beliefs) toward beef, pork, lard, bacon and eggs, is:

    (1) Start counting carbs proteins and fats in meal/daily intake.

    (2) Modify your daily intake to 20:20:60 rule (carbs:proteins:fat) -- Keep Carbs around 20% of energy intake, good fat 60%+ and balanced protein. That's the only fixed rule that we follow and then eat whatever fits that bill. Talking as a Type 2 diabetic on ZERO drugs for fifth year running.

    Hope this helps.

  • It is possible to have unhealthy and healthy versions of low-carb eating. A balanced diet needs to provide all the nutrients, macro and micro, that we need. A balanced eating plan will allow vegetables on a daily basis, since they provide water soluble vitamins and minerals with only relatively small amounts of carbohydrate.

  • Thank you all for your comments and links.

    'bigleg' the link you have provided is really awesome and really clear on what ok and whats not.

    I am really pleased to see my current diet is not far off, the only 'processed' foods I eat are Fat Free yoghurt's however I will now switch to greek as this appears to be the better option for this diet and also does not contain 'sweetners'.

    I tend not to use milk so this will not be an issue but the really good news is all my favorite vegetables are also on this list :-)

    Will be watching the video guide on my journey back from work for more ideas and help!

    Thanks again hope you are all having a good day :-)

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