Food Intolerance and ITP

Food Intolerance and ITP

As many followers of this group will know the ITP Support Association have funded an ITP and Food Intolerance study. Research for this project is being conducted by Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and the study which started in October has been making excellent progress. If anyone would like to take part in the study we can still accept applications. If you are an ITP sufferer or a relative of an ITP sufferer you can take part. For details of the eligibility criteria please see the ITP Support Association website at If you have any questions about the study or are interested in taking part please email

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  • I would be very interested to do this (particularly as I'm in the process of being diagnosed as coeliac), but can't really travel as I have a toddler and my husband has mobility issues. Is there any way to do this remotely, if my local Health Centre are happy to help?

  • Hello Lunarhine,

    I have been advised by ITP Support Association HQ that the various tests for the Food Intolerance study being conducted by Addenbrookes Hospital can only actually be conducted at Addenbrookes Hospital. I am sorry that there is no flexibilty at all in this. The reason is that all of those undergoing the tests and entering the study need to be afforded exactly the same conditions and hence tested at exactly the same venue under exactly the same controlled environment. Sorry that this does not really help you but thank you for asking and showing an interest.

  • Thank you Anthony. Makes sense to me. I'll look out for ways to be helpful in the future.

  • Hello Lunarhine, I will speak with ITP Support Association HQ to see if they can help to accommodate your situation. Perhaps they can arrange for a more local consultation to make things easier for you. I will let you know by the middle of next week.

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