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The next ITP Support Association Online patient support group meeting will be held on Tuesday February 23rd at 7pm GMT.

This will be our 50th local support group meeting, having started them 2 years ago.

These support group meetings are a wonderful way to connect with other people living with ITP & they are also attended by some of the leading experts in ITP who are available to answer any questions.

Everyone , wherever you are, with any interest in ITP may join this Zoom meeting but you must register beforehand at the following link -

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Can you confirm the date. Is it Tuesday 23rd Feb or Wednesday 24th Feb? thanks.

Anthonyh7 in reply to NickyD

Sorry about that , it is Tuesday Feb 23rd at 7pm. I have just amended the original posting. Apologies for the confusion. Think I am getting lockdown fever !

NickyD in reply to Anthonyh7

Easily done.

MorningDo you know when the next Scottish meeting will be?

Nothing scheduled yet but you can join in the next Support Group for All Ireland on 23rd February.

Anyone can join any of the meetings but you do have to pre-register beforehand.

Hope you can join the meeting on Feb 23rd, all are welcome regardless of where they are based.

Yes i will join the Ireland meeting. Thankyou.

It should be a really good meeting. Looking forward to it.

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