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Understanding ITP and latest developments in treatment

This video is by Dr Terry Gensheimer from The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and was made at the American Society of Haematology meeting in late 2011. Dr Gernsheimer is one of the leading experts in ITP and I think you will find her explanations clear and easy to follow. Some of our American followers may have already seen this video but in any event it is well worth watching....

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Thanks for posting the video. I really enjoyed watching the video. I find especially interesting the balance between treatment: platelet construction And platelet destruction. It makes sense that treatment should move this way.


Thank you for the feedback PKScott. The traditional treatments for ITP have been focused on suppressing the immune system (EG Steroids like Prednisolone, Azathioprine) so it is interesting to see that the newer developments have been attacking ITP by stimulating more platelet production . Obviously it is early days with these new drugs but at least an increasing number of options are availabe now for treating ITP.


Dapsone is also a very good drug i m 23 years old suffering from itp since 2008 nd i am stable on dapsone since almost 4 years sometimes you may need to take. short course dexona for 4 to 5 days when bleeding occurs otherwise its k on personal experience....and one good thing is that dapsone has somewhat lower side effects than other available drugs....


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