Blood in urine and itp

Hi, I am currently being investigated for blood in my urine. I have been an itp sufferer for 26 years, I had a splenectomy but for the last year my count fluctuates between 40 -70. I have had symptoms of a urine infection for about a month but there is no infection and I am going for tests at urology clinic in a few days time. Doctors mentioned it could be itp causing blood cells in urine but it doesn't explain the pain and the frequency of needed to wee. Has anyone else experienced blood in urine because of itp.


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  • Your symptoms seem to suggest a Urinary tract infection, Im surprised it hasnt shown on a test just a dip test will show blood, infection. Then with the other symptoms you will usually get put on antibiotics. There should be a midstream urine test done as well to check the antibiotics are appropriate. Best wishes

  • Symptoms are also same as inflamed bladder( this can b caused by too much caffeine and carbonated drinks! ) my child was treated for uti by 2 courses antibiotics to b told by 3 rd doctor inflamed bladder. Since laying of culprits mentioned had all settled down. I also have blood in urine been for X-rays ultra sounds camera etc. Consultant said it could b normal for me to have blood in urine and if ever have to give sample in future to explain this to doc.

  • Thank you I feel relieved to hear this.

  • Your welcome. Let me know how you get on.

  • Daughter had pain in sides lowers pack pain urge to go to toilet continually. When she cut right back on all the culprits I mentioned in earlier post these symptoms have gone completely . She had a small relapse when she felt better and had a few fizzy drinks . Symptoms came back but once she laid of the " bad" drinks and took decaf tea she was fine again. Hope this helps you.

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