My Purple Patch - ITP Blog

My Purple Patch - ITP Blog

Please do check out my weekly ITP blog entitled My Purple Patch . I hope that recording my ITP story will help other ITP sufferers and their families better understand the journey that we have all been sent on. There is no single map or guide book to get us through our individual ITP expedition. However, by telling my story I hope that it will be informative, occasionally amusing, often painful but ultimately honest and definitely positive.

Before telling this tale I cannot emphasise strongly enough that this is MY ITP STORY. This is what has really happened to me during my ITP experience. It is important to highlight this as we all respond to the various treatments differently, we all suffer different symptoms and side effects and we all have our own unique ITP stories to tell. Anything that I mention in this blog should certainly not be taken as advice or considered to be what might happen to other ITP sufferers. I just hope that by telling my story it can further spread awareness of this mystery condition and it can hopefully be of some help to others touched by this illness.

I will be blogging my ITP story weekly and hope it helps other ITP sufferers and their families.

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  • Reading your blog has made me feel better about being diagnosed with this a couple of days ago I'm only 23 and this means a long life with itp and it's ups and downs

  • Excellent, well written blog. I have the feeling we are going to have a lot of common ground as you continue your blog.

  • Hi, your blog took me back to 2013 when I was diagnosed with ITP. I must congratulate you for using those pre dawn hours so wisely. I also have the dreaded RA, so riding 2 auto immune horses has been one hell of a ride. But with dietary changes for the past 6 months, I have been able to reduce my RA flares. Planning to join the 5 km walk to be organised in my city, in India. Can't wait to read the next post .

    Thanks for writing your experience. It would help other sufferers from groping in the dark, because doctors never warn us ever either about the disorders or about the side effects of the meds.

  • Thank you all so much for your positive comments. I plan to write up all the main events which have happened to me since diagnosis in 2006 right up to date. So the next couple of instalments of the blog will take us into the Summer of 2007 ( a year after my diagnosis) when the steroids had raised my platelets to over 100 and consistently kept them at that level. I was officially signed off from the hospital at that point but of course 3 months later once the steroids had been stopped we move onto the next phase of the story.

    Over the coming months I will cover in the blog... Bone marrow biopsy, Rituximab, Azathiaprine, Mycophenolate, ITP and travel/flying, ITP and dental treatment, ITP at the House of Commons and plenty more so hopefully my 10 years ITP experience will give some useful insight for others.

    Best wishes


  • You blog made me remember all the events since 5.5 yrs of my ITP journey. Wish this group was there since then. On every blood test i used to waste so much tears without knowing my tears doesnt bring anything fruitful than to reduce PC by some more numbers. Worst part of my journey was, I was diagnosed by ITP when my marriage date was just 15 days ahead and because of that I hardly enjoyed beautiful moments of Married life/Pregnancy life. But the good thing is I am still surviving with count less than 10k along with handful of Bruises, smiling here though not sure when what kind of trauma ITP poses.!!! Hope it just let me live as I am now atleast.

  • Your blog has helped me have a greater understanding of this disease .

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