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Hope for our Duchess

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Evening, just left the Emergency Vets and our 4 year old pit bull named Duchess has just been diagnosed with ITP. I have had many animals over my 60 years and I’ve never heard of this , I noticed her eye was swollen and looked droopy. I thought maybe she and her sister Lola had played to hard or she scratched it. When we got to the vet they noticed bruising and little red dots on her body, Duchess is like the daughter that my daughter never had a chance to have, she is so spoiled and loved that it’s not funny and this is tearing my daughter to shreds. If anyone knows what we have to expect and how to help our Duchess we would greatly appreciate the help. Please keep our Duchy in your prayers.

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Aw shes beautiful!! What a scary time for you. I have no experience of itp in animals but I love my dog Stanley to bits and my 10 year old son has had itp for a couple of years now so I can imagine how hard it must be. Its a strange and scary disorder but we have learnt to live with it fairly normally. Though at least my son can tell me how he feels. Has she been kept in at vets? What are they wanting to do for her? Look forward to hearing how Duchess progresses. Big hugs to Duchess.

My vet was telling me that dogs get ITP too. It is usually treated the same way as we humans. With steroids. Prednesone. The poor baby. Maybe even her diet will have to be tweaked. There should be some things online to read. Did they get a platelet count?

How is duchess?

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