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Yesterday our consultant explained that our 14 year old daughter might need to move into a weekly subcutaneous injection. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the injection. Does anyone know?

Our daughter has started to show significant side effects to Eltrombopag and so we’re having to consider other options. She was given a smaller dose to see if this reduced the side effects but her count plummeted unfortunately.......

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • It would probably be Romiplostim which is also known as NPlate. It also stimulates the production of platelets in the bone marrow.

  • Thanks Robert 🙂

  • Romoplostim. N.plate.. I've been on it for 2 years and it saved my life . Amazing. Xxx

  • Make sure she isn’t allergic to any ingredients in it. I had a severe analyphtic reaction and was in the hospital for a week. Good luck.

  • I had weekly injections of Romiplostim (NPlate) for three years which kept my count around 40-50. Then in February of this year I started on daily Eltrombopag tablets, purely for convenience sake. My count shot up to over 400, eventually stabilising at around 140. I have noticed very few side effects to the tablets so it is unfortunate that your daughter experienced so many. Good luck with the injections.

  • I’ve been on Nplate weekly injection since 2010, started at on 1mcg/kg currently on 650mcg/kg to maintain my platelets between 30 to 80 thousands; my only side effects are related to low platelets ie fatigue, bruising, increased irritability and depression. I view my ITP as a chronic disease like diabetes requiring lifelong injections. Your daughter is young and treatment options will increase, perhaps even a cure. :) kyriak51

  • Hi could it be romiplostin? I inject this once a wk after my weekly blood test ie give blood Wednesday inject Thursday after the result. It's fairly easy just a bit tedious but you get use to it. Hope it goes well Steph

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