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1st Hematologist Appointment


My 4 year old daughter had her first hematologist appointment today and although I was hoping for a bigger jump in platelets, they did go up in 4 days. On Friday it was 46 and today Tuesday they were 57. Her doctor was happy with that and feels that her body is going to reset itself after 3 months of being sick with the flu, bad cold, and then strep throat. She is having her test again in two weeks.

Is that too long to check again?

She also gave us the green light to travel by air to Salt Lake City for a trip we planned months ago. She said there is no risk. Would anyone think otherwise?

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That's good news, hopefully in 2 weeks things will have a chance to settle down even further. Above 50 is pretty good going and a much safer number to be at. If the doctors say its ok to travel you have to try and believe them. Enjoy your trip, a change will do you both good. Will hear how it goes

pdmart in reply to Ab36

Thank you! I know she is not out of the woods yet but you are right after a stressful few days, we are looking forward to some change for a few days!

You know your child better than anyone else if you notice increased bruising and fatigue you should contact your hematologist sooner rather than later. Where are you receiving treatment, I’m in Chicago. Have a good time in Salt Lake City:)

pdmart in reply to Kyriak51

Thank you! Yes I am keeping a watchful eye for anything different. I was happy to see that her bruises are fading as of this morning and she has not got any new ones. But if anything pops up I will contact the doctor sooner. I am in Arizona 🌵

Kyriak51 in reply to pdmart

You are fortunate to have the Mayo Clinic available to you, are you been treated?

My platelets must be low as I’m not thinking clearly again. My last post regarding Mayo Clinic should have said: are you receiving treatment at the Mayo? Be well:)

pdmart in reply to Kyriak51

My daughter is not being treated at the Mayo Clinic but it is an amazing clinic as my grandfather was treated there.

Hi glad to hear your daughters count is a little higher. I travelled to new York with a count of 10 last yr, you have to carry on with your life and hers try not to let it rule you. Have a great time maybe when you return her count will be even better mine was. Good luck Steph

pdmart in reply to Castle155

Thank you!! You are right! I need to keep things as normal as possible! I pray that her counts are higher. Getting away for just a bit will be nice.

I have flown several times with counts a lot lower than that with the approval of my haematologist and have never had a problem. have a wonderful trip.

pdmart in reply to prudencepayes

Thank you! I really appreciate all the positive feedback! 5 days ago I was a nervous wreak but this group has really helped answer a lot of my questions!

I have travelled with 10k count from India to USA and back many a times. Yeah just watch out for any nose bleeds and increased bruising. I will always be skeptical of any kind of marks on my 5yr old girl though she was negative for ITP. Wish ur girl come out of it completely sooner.!!

pdmart in reply to ITPAffecty

Will do. The flight is only an hour and 20 minutes so I am praying for an uneventful flight. But I am as prepared as I can be. Did your daughter have low platelets?

ITPAffecty in reply to pdmart

Not now. She had neaonatal ITP borrowed from me. Later she picked up and fine as of now. If she gets bruises kind of marks scares me. Just hoping she will not get it back.!!

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