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7 weeks on revolade/promacta and no change, ITP 6 year old

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Hi my 6 year old son is on revolade/promacta for 7 weeks now, 75mg daily and his count hasn't increased. He is steady at 10k-15k each week.

No side affects as I can tell, liver tests are OK.

Doctor wants to continue for at least 12 weeks before we give up.

Has anyone had any experience with revolade taking more than 7-8 weeks to work or if it didn't work by now then most likely it wont in the future?


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Hi. This must be a big worry for you. All I can tell you is that I am an ITP patient who has had excellent results with Revolade. I was talking this week to my haematologist who is a consultant at a leading London hospital and an expert in the field. She told me that they have found that some patients who don't get good results immediately do go on to respond very well, and so it is worth persevering with the drug to give it plenty of time to work. Wishing you good luck.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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