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Itp 68 year old women


My mum is diagnosed with Itp. She is 68 years old.

She is taking 120mg prodnisone a day.last week the count of palette was 22k this week when only 33k is this normal.she has osteoporosis as well please advise if any of you had the same issue.

Thank you

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above 10k the platelet level is normal as long as dey is no external bleeding moreover she hass any history of autoimmune disease?

Actually there was no increase on the platelets count. It was 30k and didnt change with medication.

She doesnt have any auto immune history.

But her daughter had Itp . So can be maybe genetic issue.

That is a massive dose of prednisolone and will only serve to worsen her osteoporosis.

Entelaela in reply to Jud61

Any idea what would be best for her treatment?

Try Homeopathy/Ayurveda/any other form of treatment.

I am an ITP patient since June 2018..

I just started homeopathy since 20dec18...In addition to the allopathy medicine..But NO Prednisone since last 10days.

Platelets rose to 65000ydy, from 34000 on 20Dec18.

Where can i find this do you have any site where i can order it online.

Your mom needs a good hematologist. Taking 120 gm of prednisone each day is a high dose. There are bad side effects. I got aggressive verbally with prednisone, and there are worse physical side effects. Long term this would be terrible. She must find another solution to the problem.


Thank you for your reply

After 2 months of taking prednisone the platelet went up to 120k.

Meantime they also gave her imuran which we think help her on the platelets to after 2 months of this therapy they started to reduce the prednisone.

After 3 week of reduction the platelets are going down again. Will see next step

Any suggestions.?

Thank you

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