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Any issues with other blood counts aside from platelets?

My son, 7 yo, was diagnosed with ITP last Jan 6.. do you have any other issues with neutrophils, lymphocytes and other blood counts aside from platelets? Just wondering bc his neutrophils has been dropping low while lymphocytes is rising.. thank you in advance!! Praying for all ITP patients

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I have low neutrophils in addition to low platelets. I have been tested for everything (including LGL leukemia) and so far both low blood counts are considered idiopathic.


Hi cvignol, kyriak51. Are you seeing a hematologist, have you been diagnosed with ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia), a disease characterized with low platelets. Idiopathic is defined as “unknown cause”, I’m not familiar with that term been used to define low WBC’s. A general decrease in WBC is called leukopenia, neutrophils are a type of wbc’s that fight infectious and are increased during a viral or bacterial infection ( normal range is 3.5 - 11.0 thousand. What are your counts? Hope this has been helpful, feel free to contact me if you have other questions. Be well, learn as much as you can about your disease presses:)kyriak51


Yes I am followed by a hematologist(s). The idiopathic term comes from the fact the doctors do not know what is causing my neutropenia or thrombocytopenia. . (My white blood cell counts are not low. My neutrophils are low and my lymphocytes higher. That is why originally they thought I had LGL leukemia.) The doctors are hesitant to call it ITP since more than one bloodline is involved. However, I am treated as if I have ITP. Lucky for me, my counts are not low enough to warrant any treatment other than watch and wait.


Hi cvignol, how low are your platelets? As a nurse/patient I’m uncomfortable with the “wait and see” attitude patients on this site have been told “to wait until they have nose bleeds before treatment will be instituted “. :)


My platelets have been holding steady at 50. I am actually more scared of the treatments than the low platelet counts. I fear that once I go down the medication route, it will be even more difficult to get my platelets up and stable. I also am fearful of the side effects from the treatments (mostly the steroids). Hopefully, my platelets will continue to hold steady. My hematologist recommends treatment below 30. I am still new to all of this (Sept. 17), and I would have never have known there was anything wrong if I did not have a CBC done as part of a routine physical. One day at a time as I am trying to learn to stop focusing on the numbers and start focusing on how I am feeling. If only I could turn my head off!


Unfortunately your platelets will not stabilize or increase without treatment. I was diagnosed in early 1990’s and like you refused all treatment until my platelets were 10K and too sick to refuse treatment in 2009. I’m now stable on weekly Nplate injections to maintain a count of 40-80K. Your hematologist is correct to start treatment at 30K. Learn as much as you can about ITP and treatment options. This site has great educational materials. Be well:)


Hi zronquillo: was your child diagnosed with immune ITP by a hematologist or GP? With ITP the platelet range: 150 - 450 thousands,hemoglobin range: 11.5 - 15.5 gm/ deciliter, hematocrit: 36 - 47% and RBC: 3.88 - 6.26 million/uL are counts to monitor. The neutrophilsare are white blood cells that increase to fight infections: normal range=39 - 75%; lymphocytes range: 16- 47%; monocytes range=4- 12%; basophils range= 0-2%.

With ITP low platelet count will cause bruising (bleeding), with extensive bruising the hemoglobin, hematocrit and and RBC’s will decrease. With me the lower the platelet count the more severe the bruising and the lower the hemoglobin, hematocrit and RBC counts; no change in WBC’s.

Children offen develop ITP after a viral infection and usually recover. Is your child receiving treatment if so what, is it effective?

I hope this information has been helpful, feel to contact me if you have other questions:) kyriak51


He's being seen by a hematologist.. prior being diagnosed with ITP, he had an infection, after the infection he had bruises and petichiae on his legs.. he was given IVIG and platelets rose and both lymphocytes and neutrophils became normal so I guess his IVIG was effective

January 6 (before IVIG)

platelet 21

Hemoglobin 13

Hematocrit 36.6

RBC 4.69

WBC 7,160

Neutrophil 37

Lymphocytes 51

January 9 (after IVIG)

platelet 119

Hemoglobin 13.4

Hematocrit 38.2

RBC 4.93

WBC 6,970

Neutrophil 75

Lymphocytes 19

January 24 (2 weeks after IVIG)

platelet 131

Hemoglobin 13.6

Hematocrit 38.4

RBC 4.98

WBC no change

Neutrophil 28

Lymphocytes 56

** my son gets infection most of the time prior to ITP, he also have mild asthma and allergy :(


Labs look good he is fortunate the IVIG worked, I and others on this site had no response. You might want to check in with “chickensmom” her 11 year old has been stuck with platelet count 1-3K and is scheduled to see a hematologist soon a Thank for your response, be well:) kyriak51

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