Have my platelets increased with steroid treatment?

Back to the Marsden tomorrow after 2 weeks of being diagnosed with ITP to see if 60mg steroids per day have brought my platelets up from 35. Fingers crossed.

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  • Good luck keep positive don't let ITP rule your life 👍

  • I'm on a high! Great news. 35 to 105. Whoop woop. In 4 weeks reduce from 60mg to 40mg. Retest in 6 weeks. I'm so happy!

  • That's great news.

  • That's perfect advice 👍

  • Wish you all the best, hope you respond to treatment. 🍀

  • Hope all goes well for you xx

  • But now Shingles!

  • Went to the GP this week for another blood test and my platelets have now gone up from 105 to 160! Fantastic. Now in range (150-400). Will be reducing steroids next week and back on 18th October. With any luck will be signed off to go on my holiday to Costa Rica on 21st!

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