Leg pain with low counts?

Does anyone have leg aches with low counts? I was diagnosed about 18 months ago. My counts were averaging about 40-60. But the last 3 months they have been in the mid to low 30. Last test last week - 31. It seems like whenever my counts are in the 30s my legs ache all the time— like I have been walking around Disneyland all day kind of ache! I am exhausted and achy legs all day!

Anyone else have this symptom? My hemo said it has nothing to do with itp... sound familiar?:) any ideas?

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  • Hi, my son complains of aching legs when his blood drops below about 30. The doctors have assured me that there is no connection and this along with his tiredness is all in his mind.

  • My sons counts range between 30-60...he complains of leg pain as well. Drs also have said there is no connection...however they did a bone density test and results were abnormal and since then he has been on Vitamin D. They are going to repeat the test in a few months. Hope this helps...

  • My daughter was the same, pains in her legs, chronic tiredness and awful headaches. Doctors say there is no connection but I'm not at all convinced. Too many sufferers have the same sort of symptoms with low platelets. I just kept a supply of paracetamol in for her and let her do things at her own pace.

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