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Looking For Advice

Sorry in advance the long post. I was diagnosed with ITP on Nov 9th. This all started with what I thought was a sinus infection which turned out to be a failed root canal under a bridge. I was put on antibiotics, and had another root canal and the bridge replaced….so began a 6-week cycle of sinus infections, ear aches and colds symptoms. In that time- frame I saw my Dr. 3 X, Dentist 2X, was put on 5 different antibiotics, and a one-week course of steroids. An Oral surgeon finally said I had an infection under the bridge, and recommended I have a procedure where a pocket would be cut in my gums, the infected area cleaned, and antibiotics administered. The day prior to appointment I was admitted to hospital w a count of 5. I was given platelets, left the hospital after 4 days. My count was 27, and I was on 60 mg steroids. I had a cat scan which showed fluid in middle ear the ENT said it was nothing to worry about.

My weekly blood draws have shown platelets counts anywhere from 290 to 89 over the past 8 weeks. My white cells have always been elevated as high as 24 to current count of 14. Last week I finished my taper, and my teeth started hurting. I went to dentist and guess what?? I have an infection in the same place under the bridge!!

Oral surgeon is once again recommending I have the procedure. This week’s platelets are at 190. So finally, my questions…. could this all just be due to this lingering infection, and not ITP? Could this just have been caused by over-use of antibiotics? What can I take for pain? Can I take an antibiotic, and if so which one? I dread going all weekend with this toothache. I am terrified this whole cycle will start again. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Oh dear you are having a rough time! As you have so many questions I would suggest you go back to your doctor for the answers. I don’t think I can be of much help in your case, other than the fact that an infection could be the cause of ITP. I do hope you get some answers soon, but do post again to let us know how you are getting on. Good luck!

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Sorry to Hear your story!!! Mine started this summer after an infection and antibiotics, not sure which caused it. Tylenol (acetaminophen) is the only pain reliever I have been allowed to take. Looks like your platelets are going pretty high. My Hematologist is focused on getting me above 50, and I will be fine. When they are 50+, I don’t bruise or bleed as bad, so seems to make sense.

Good luck on this crazy road of ITP!

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Wow, sounds terrible. I'm sorry for this process you're going through. In my personal belief, our body is one connected system, so I would think there is a connection between what's going on with your teeth/gums and the ITP. I would invest in getting the best hematologist you can and work it out with them. Some antibiotics are suspicious as ITP inducing. Steroids cause really high WBC for me at least. But a specialist should look at all your symptoms as a whole to try diagnose how you can be helped.

It's good your platelet count is responding to steroids at least!

Good luck, and hold on to your patience...


Have you been to a haemotologist? Such a specialist should surely help although mine was not. I do know that platelets are very sensitive to almost everything. Are you bruising excessively? 290 to 89 is high. My blood specialist said operations could be performed if platelets were 50 or more. My heart is with you. I'm so sorry to hear of the pain you must be experiencing.


Hi, kyriak51 here, I have ITP and would kill for a platelet count of 89 to290K; after seven years of weekly Nplate injections my platelets range from 30K to 80K. Who diagnosed you with ITP? A hematologist I hope. Are you receiving treatment if so what medications? As for your sinus infection,why did you need 5 different antibiotics, did your dentist or oral surgeon do cultures.? infections and depression do have a negative impact on your immune system, WBC increas a count of 14 thousands, you may still have an infection and should see your doctor.

The only infection associated with ITP is Helicobacter Pylori ( bacteria that causes gastric ulcers), your hematologist should have tested you. I tested positive and was treated with 2 antibiotics over 4 weeks with good results. Over use of antibiotics leads to bacterial resistance and not ITP. You can get good information from mayoclinic.org. The more you know about disease the better the care you will receive, be well:)


Hi, Kyriak51, thank you for the reply. A hematologist diagnosed me. I was on prednisone for 8 weeks. The antibiotics were prescribed by my Dentist, and Dr. They were both aware of what had been prescribed. I have never had testing for any type of infection. I saw my hemo the other day for 2 month check, and he said the high WBC could still be from the steroids. He does not feel my teeth and episode of low platelets are connected. I will now do bi monthly blood drawn and watch/wait.


Okay please let me know how you’re doing, be well:) kyriak51


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