Get tested for H-pylori!!!

I've been to hell and back with constant single digit platelets, all the symptoms, all the treatments and a splenectomy, none of which worked. My specialist just about gave up on me.

I did yet more reading and found stuff about viruses such as Epstein Barr and bacterias such as H-pylori that can be the cause of ITP but they're not well known about. I took the idea to my specialist who is open minded, I tested positive for h-pylori. 2 weeks of antibiotics, and a week after, my platelet count is 160. I know, early days but it looks really promising and is such an easy fix - crazy its not a routine test I feel amazing!

Let me know if you've been fixed so simply.

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  • Its not much of a Specialist when the patient has to research the problem and recomend the treatment. It's great that your ITP may now be solved but such a pity you have had to undergo a splenectomy for nothing. Testing for various viruses including h pylori was the first thing done to me when I was admitted to hospital with a count of 2. Armed with the knowledge that a virus was not the problem the hospital were able to recommend a successful long term treatment which thankfully was not a splenectomy .

  • My mother was also found to have the h-pylori bacteria and after antibiotics her platelets went up from 10 to 600 only to fall straight back again within 2 weeks . Now on weekly injection of nplate and 500gm mycophenolate but count varies from week to week 340 3 weeks ago so no injection as count to high but fell back to 23 next week this week 120.. it has been like this for the past 3 years and in the last year weekly blood tests and weekly visit to hospital for injection. Mum is 80 years old and otherwise is really well and fit just this problem with ipt. Just wish she could get to a consistant and stable count.

  • I'm same.up&down so frustrating.on n plate too x

  • Shame it took them so long to test you... it was the first test they did for me. Hope it's your cure!

  • its great to that u get cure. now i m thinking to go to H pylori test. i have also tried each medicine . n test . expect that H pylori cuz my Dr dint recommend me this test.

  • What kind of antibody u take for H pylori ?. isnt simple normal antibody or like ITP pills. which are anticancer drugs. ? or steroid >

  • I was tested for H-pylori when I was first diagnosed 15 yrs ago, it was negative. It is a routine test in the UK.

  • Thats great news.

  • Which are the anti biotic you had for h pylori. And which type of test you undergone to detect this.

  • what other symptoms u have beside low platelets. while having tested for H-pylori

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