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Updated Platelets Status c Homeopathy

My daughter got her platelets checked., they have increased to 44,000 this week. Thanking God for homeopathy meds working for her. It’s a slow and steady raise. No side effects. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. He is the Lord Who heals us ( Exodus 15:26).

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That’s great news.

I hope mine increase and I’m changing to a more healthy diet!


Great news!!! I tried everything to raise my platelets and never could before I started on Imbruvica. I'm glad to hear something worked for your daughter!


Yes, thanks to our God, who heals us! She is in medical school here in TX. She tried all the heroic allopathic measures which brought her counts to 100 Ks but usually lasted only for two weeks with numerous side effects. We were frustrated c frequent hospital visits and stay for IVIG infusions. Praise God for homeopathy which is slow but steady and every month it keeps increasing by 10,000. So very thankful to God for no side effects and she is able to continue with her studies.

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That's wonderful!!!! I know she'll be a great doctor someday!!! We certainly can use more doctors!


That is terrific! That is what happened to me too! The IVIG and steroids for 8 months every 2 weeks with platelets bottoming out at 1,000 every 2 weeks. It was just a bandaid approach!

For me the homeopathics such as cats claw, notanum, silvercillin, Alka C, viruchord, Moducare, immunomod A, and Adenal life force were focused on getting rid of infections, fungus, parasites and then balancing the immune system. I also was advised to go gluten free and decrease dairy. What homeopathics specifically was and is she on? It would be great if more pople could be aware of the chance to get rid of this terrible disease through homeoptahy!



Praise the Lord. My son started with Homeopathy last week. He has only 3 years old. I am praying God for good results.




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