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My 2 year old son was diagnosed with ITP six months ago but I believe he has been suffering from this since he was 1 years old. His platetlet range is between 5-12. He had a course of steroids 3 months ago but in his case it was unsuccessful. He has now been scheduled for a bone marrow biopsy in January 2018.

Just wanted to ask if other parents have gone through the biopsy with their child? How did your child respond? Is it as bad as i am imagining it to be? I feel very worried and dreading the whole thing.

Would like to hear about your experiences

Thank you

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  • Hi Shabana

    I had a Bone marrow biopsy and would strongly recommend that you ask your Dr if it is possible to do the procedure whilst your child is under anaesthetic. I am supposed to go for my second biopsy in 2018 and I have chosen to have the procedure under anaesthetic because of the great discomfort it causes and I am an adult so please don't let them do the procedure whilst awake if at all possible. Other than that once the procedure is complete there is reduced discomfort. Please consult your Dr for further information.

    All the best.


  • I concur strongly. I had mine under anesthesia and it went well, but it hurt the next day and for about two weeks.

  • I have had 2 bone marrow biopsies, and whilst it wasn’t painful, I endured great discomfort. I am sure a small child would find the experience very frightening, and probably painful, so like a previous post I would look into the possibility of having it done under general anaesthetic. Hope all goes well.

  • Thank you for your replies.

    My son will be under a general anaesthetic thankfully. I'm just unsure about what to expect once it has worn off. On a normal day I have noticed an increase in mood swings and the fact that he becomes overly emotional when his platelets are I am very nervous as to how he will be following the procedure. Praying it goes well

  • My five year old daughter had a biopsy done 2 months ago and it was fine got to go home the same day and she was fine.

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