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My 14 year old brother was diagnosed last month with ITP.


Hi everyone,I want to ask you whether you know what is the worst thing that can happen to kids with ITP. Also can this disease be acute? or temporary? Does anyone know if this disease after taking medications the number of platelets is stable and wont decrease again? Thank you for your time.

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For the majority of people ITP is acute or temporary. Usually 1 or 2 episodes after a virus and then they never have a problem again. Some may struggle with it up to a year and then no problems. A very few have chronic ITP which can last forever. Injuries and bleeding out ate the biggest fears when someone has ITP, for the most part they can live a normal life with small modifications and treatments. Just as the disease itself is unpredictable so are the responses to treatment. I hope your brother gets better soon.

Arditajtsh in reply to JJMcLaren

Thank you very much for your response. Yesterday we started to give him a natural therapy with different teas and some oils. This therapy was prescribed from a pharmacist that uses different kind of herbs . This treatment was really successful for other kids. I hope it will have a good effect for my brother too.

Hi, where are you in the world? My son has had Itp for a couple of years on and off but more on than off🙁. I would like to try alternative natural therapy and wonder where it would be available in Scotland?? I hope your brother has a fast recovery xx

Hii Im from kosovo/europe. This natural therapy was prescribed from a pharmacist in Albania. If My brother recovers from this I will inform you and tell you about these herbs and teas. Maybe than i can send you these as package with post.

That would be fantastic thank you. Please keep in touch with your brothers progress

We stopped giving this natural treatment because his nr of platelets dropped. The doctors gave ivig, but we will continue with this tea. I will update you for changes.

sharroN42 in reply to Arditajtsh

Try the ayurvedic supplement, amla.

ITP is mostly Acute in young children. I am 58 and have chronic ITP with a count of 3000. No Splenectomy or drugs. Why I have no issues is an anomaly. I simply live life a stopped checking my count.

My daughter is 15 and was diagnosed at the age of 9 with itp. In the beginning we did all the usual research and tried lots of different things that other sufferers found helpful. My daughter had regular weekly bloods done - twice a week in the first years through periods of counts under 10.000. As a mum I used to read through different people's posts on itp sites very regularly. I think that the best advice I can personally give you for your brother would be to get checked when symptomatic and live his life fully and normally. My daughter had a splenectomy earlier this year after having persistent counts under 10.000 for the last couple of years and not responding for more than a few months to steroids. She is happy and well now but does suffer with anxiety. I think maybe if I was not so protective of her and let her live more full and normal life from the start she might not suffer with this anxiety now. Hopefully, your brothers itp will disappear within a year as in a lot of cases can happen. Best wishes and good luck! ☺

Thank you really much. I wish you the best for your daughter

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