Vaginal Bleeding between periods with ITP?

Hello all,

I was diagnosed with ITP in August 2017, and have been on a slowly reducing dosage of prednisolone since. my platelets went from 2K to 209K and finally to 365K as of October 14th, 2017. Took a short trip and came back to a count of 130 on November 3rd. My hematologist got concerned by the sharp drop and directed me to a rheumatologist, in the search for the underlying cause of my ITP which they are saying is secondary ITP and not primart ITP as first thought. One thing i've noticed as my count goes very low, is spotting or bleeding between periods. Just thought i'd ask if any other females noticed a similar pattern in uterine bleeding with low platelet counts please? I'm getting worred and wanted to ask other patients before going to my doctors. Many thanks in advance.

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  • My lowest count for platelets was zero, scary but i survived. I didnt have any bleeding between periods with no platelets so it may be something different or even nothing to worry about. Get it checked if you are concerned.

  • thank you so much. Wow zero is very scary. Glad to hear that you were okay. Again many thanks.

  • My highest was 1440. Its amazing what the body can withstand. I sometimes had spotting of blood between periods before my ITP.

  • thanks so much for sharing. I feel a little better now. Much appreciated 😊

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