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Any other symptoms?

Hello, I was diagnosed with ITP at 11 years old. Long story short it practically went away I just check my platlet count regularly to be sure. Since then I've had other health problems and I've always wanted to see if they could be related. I have a high amount of PVC which make my heart rate really high even when I'm relaxing. It makes me feel lightheaded dizzy and like I'm running a race all while sitting. I've also always have a headache. They are located most often on the front of my head and the pressure is located behind my eyes. I also get very bad migraines. Some days my vision gets very blurry and I can't even eat anything. I've tried a few medications for migraines but they always negatively effect my heart. And nothing was abnormal on my MRI. This is the first time I've stumbled upon this website so I thought I would ask and see what happens.

Thanks :)

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Hi. I have a heart issue. My heart rate is very high at rest but I have an enlarged heart so they give me meds to slow it down. I have no symptoms at all for the ITP but low platelets and high red blood count.


My right eye has been very blurry of late I had optic neuritis a few years ago and lost partial sight in my left eye may mention to my hematologist ??? It may be related to itp and maybe it could be a symptom as you say it is worth asking the question we shall see.


Can you check your platelets yourself if so how.


Not that I'm aware of no

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