Sandimmun 100mg with Prednisone

Hi guys, has anyone taken Sandimmun 100mg Neoral while taking Prednisone?What are the side effect & does it work for platelets?I went for my 1st visit to Haematologist yesterday & he prescribed Sandimmun 100mg.I've research the side effects & I must say they are quite shocking.My platelets keeps dropping everytime I go on low dosage of Prednisone.

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  • Yes i did. 100 mg neoral with prednisolne. Side effects are vision blurred , skin sensitivity . Please avoid direct sunlight. driving in sun light and in night. as ur vision get blurr.

    whats ur age?

  • 34.Did it helooks with your platelets & how long did you take it for?Any cancer symptoms as per side effects?

  • i take it for 2 months. and cancer symptom i dont know. i had BM while taking neoral. So in BM it show slow production of my platelets. n they mentioned it might b because of this immunosuppressive drug which is neoral and imuran.

    P.S it doesnt effect my platelets. they are on same count as it was 4 ,5 .

  • Ok and does it make any difference? Are you

    benefitingfrom taking it?

  • Nop.

  • Thanks for feedback, much appreciated

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