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Itp and loosing a tooth

My six ear old girl with itp has just lost her first tooth! She was so happy but bled more than I would have liked - it has stopped now and I know it looks worse when bleeding for mouth anyway but there was still quite a bit. I've dreaded this day coming for a long time and it went without any major problems so I'm much more relaxed now and I have a very excited girl in bed ready for the tooth fairy 😊

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Hi Sherylitp. I'm so glad you and your little girl gone through that ok! I can't imagine how stressful it must be to have a child with Itp!

I've had Itp now for nearly 10 years. While I was fairly new to Itp I had to have a molar removed and I had forgotten about the platelet issue till the last minute. The dentist and I decided to go ahead with the extraction anyway and it did bleed a lot but he packed the hole with gauze and I bit down on it to stem the flow. It took a couple of hours to stop bleeding completely but the compression meant it wasn't a lot of bleeding. I'm not sure what my platelet reading was that day but it usually hovered around 55.

It sounds like you are handling things well for your little girl. I'm sure you are a lot more affected by this than she is. Kids just get on with it don't they? It's us parents that worry!

She going to lose more teeth of course (I called it the 'pirate years' when my kids went through that time because of all the 'gappy' smiles) and as long as everyone knows what to expect and what to look out for all should be ok. Have a chat to the teacher and come up with a plan just in case one comes out during school so they know what to do too. I'm sure they'd appreciate that advice. If all else fails, the tooth fairy always knows how to make it better 😄

Good luck with your family's Itp journey. I wish your daughter good health and many happy platelets. 👍😊


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