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ITP and sore joints/arthritis


Hi - I have had ITP for 5 years now and have recently started to have really sore wrist and thumb joints. I am on a trial drug (fostamitinib) but been on it for over 2 years so don’t think it’s a side effect but was wondering if any one else has had sore joints or even have rheumatoid arthritis and ITP? Thanks

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I have been experiencing sore joints and arthritis for over 5 years since being diagnosed with ITP and had to have knee replacement surgeries on both knees from really bad arthritis. I know the change of weather can effect joints but I think its more than that.

I get extremely tired. I already have joint pains so I don't know the difference!

I started with ITP. Now I have Lupus as well, my joints were swelling up and very sore, but moved rapidly between joints, mainly knees and hands.

Could be rheumatoid arthritis or any other auto immune disorder, once our immune system has gone wrong it is not unusual for it to go wrong in other ways.

Sorry my input isn’t more positive.

I also have very sore knees, wrists and finger joints.

They seem to know so little about this disease.

There are so many contradictory symptoms.

Good luck!

Sachmo16 in reply to Chill1993

Did they have think it was arthritis- I am seeing a rheumatologist next week...

Hi I have had ITP for four years now and also experience painful joints mainly shoulders elbows wrists and fingers. Mine started 2 years ago. I put it down to medication side effects ( on and off steroids continuously) and certain other medications had to be changed as my joint pain got worse when on them. Maybe it’s the ITP though! It’s a strange condition

Sachmo16 in reply to Kazpig1

Thanks for replying - was it ever thought it could be arthritis?? I am seeing a rheumatologist specialist next week, am praying it’s not rheumatoid arthritis - my thumb has been swollen and painful for 2 weeks now and my wrist sore and stiff for a week....thumb is getting better but wrist still sore!

Hi I was referred to a rheumatologist initially as they thought I may also have lupus, he was not convinced I had either lupus or arthritis and could not explain the sore joints. I hope your rheumatologist can give an answer i will keep my fingers crossed for you good luck

Sachmo16 in reply to Kazpig1

Hi - do you still have sore joints now? Does it come and go? Thanks

Hi it comes and goes it’s almost like I have flare ups. It will last for a few weeks then gradually begin to resolve. I cannot identify anything in particular that sets it off.

Sounds like what i am experiencing aswell, my thumb pain is improving slowly and hoping my wrist does too soon, seeing the specialist this week so fingers crossed - if I have to deal with flare ups every now and again I can cope with that - any other auto immune condition would not be so good!!!! Thanks for your help.

Hi Sachmo,

I, too, have arthritis but have lately experienced extremely sore, weak thumbs and thumb joints. I hope it’s not ITP; I’ve already had too many further ‘gifts’ from this disease!!!🤪

Sachmo16 in reply to sharroN42

Hi - thankfully my thumb pain and swelling has gone and my wrist improving daily too. I saw a rheumatologist and he thinks I have viral arthritis- he has put me on the dreaded steroids for a month. No new flare ups touch wood and just praying this is a virus and it goes completely

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