I would b interested to hear any informed views / experiences on having a vasectomy when diagnosed with itp. Itp has know been managed successfully for 2 years without meditation. Still get some small signs of purpura. Interested to hear if this procedure is a big no no, issues around and potential effects of vasectomy and it triggering immune response which may trigger itp. Many thanks

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  • Hi Rokandtia. Good on you for having no medication and living a normal life. As to surgical procedures, you must be guided by your doctors. I suspect they will want a min level of 100. I had heart bypass nearly three years ago and was given eltrombopag to bring my count up from 10 to 100. Op. was fine, stopped the drug and count dropped back to 10, BUT since then I have taken no meds and count has risen steadily to a now 70. Goodness knows why but this can happen. So in short, do not worry, get it done and over with and who knows.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  • I had a vasectomy with, at the time, undiagnosed ITP. It was the degree of post op bruising that eventually led to the ITP diagnosis.

    My counts approx two months after the op were around the 10 to 20 mark and were probably similar when I had the vasectomy. Other the heavy bruising that lasted longer than normal I don't remember having any other issues.

    Obviously you need to be guided by your own doctors and how the condition affects you but from my experience I wouldn't consider the op to be a no no.

  • Many thanks for the feedback. Really appreciated

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