Connection between HPV (cervical cancer vaccination) and ITP

I'm not sure if anyone else has been in a position to suspect a connection between the carvical cancer vaccination and ITP but I think we may have established a connection.

My 13 year old daughter had the vaccination at the end of September last year, and was diagnosed with ITP 4 weeks later with a platelet level of 3. Her platelets steadily rose to 9, but shortly after the second vacinnation they fell back to 3 again. Our consultant thought the connection unlikely but was interested enough to "yellow card" it.

However, last week I had a call from the school matron who informed me that another girl in my daughter's year at school has also been diagnosed with ITP, after some pretty horrendous symptoms and a platelet level of 4, also following the HPV vaccination. It appears to me that the likelliehood of this being co-incidence is minimal. Both children are under the same consultant who has yellow carded the second incident, and he is in the process of launching an inquiry into the batch number.

If anyone else has any reason to suspect the same, I'd be really interested to hear your views.

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  • I believe, based on my experiences with both my young children, that something causes the child to be "off balance" or stressed the body in some way causing a reaction of ITP. both my sons have health challenges. With my oldest son, he started having gut issues and food issues at 13m and it took us over a year to make any progress. no doctors could determine what was wrong and he was only getting worse. he had involuntary spasms, ticks, vomiitting, horrible stomach pain, diarrhea, the list goes on. he was incredibly stressed out and its my opinion that at some point his body snapped and the iTP started. I feel like our bodies can only take so much torture and i do feel like vaccines, good or bad or indifferent, do torture our insides and depending how much stress the body is already under depends on how well the child handles it. my youngest son was born having issues out of the gate and because we already knew where to start he, although still very complicated, is much less stressed and we are hopeful he does not acquire any chronic disease.

    that is just my thoughts. i do believe the connection between the vaccine and your childs ITP. everyone i think has a trigger and ITP is so unique to everyone its always important to realize what that trigger was i think.

    Take care and good luck!

  • Very Interesting! My daughter also had gut issues - namely severe constipation about same age as your son. I understand our immunity system is influenced by gut health so it stands to reason they could have been predisposed to something going wrong when adding vaccines to an already compromised system. Good news is my daughter's ITP is under control now [took 3 years to stabilise] but I am very concerned about having her vaccinated again. It is a challenge when trying to figure out if the cervical cancer vaccine warrants consideration or not or at the very least when wanting to travel to parts of the world such as Asia.

    Would welcome thoughts on ITP and further Vaccinations.

    Thank you & Best Wishes

  • Yes, this happened to my daughter some years ago and doctors at the hospital confirmed they had heard this

  • Is anybody still on this discussion site about Gardasil and ITP. I need to know what finally kicked the body into being able to maintain an adequate platelet counts. My son was a super health nut and then 4 days after the Gardasil vaccine started showing signs of Petechiae and blood in urine. Hospitalized 6 days, 2 transfusions, and still killing off the platelets. Can anyone tell me what worked for them that may be different for ITP related to it being triggered by Gardasil.

  • ITP is an auto immune disorder whose root cause is not yet been found. It can be triggered due to any reason. In your child's case, it might be true. In such cases, it might be cured by itself. How is child now?? is she alright? what do you mean by 3 and 9? ( 30 thousand??)

  • I am just starting to look around at the literature on this.

    One interesting paper is

    "The risk of immune thrombocytopenic purpura after vaccination in

    children and adolescents."

    It was done in 2012, and included HPV vaccine in its analysis.

    The risk factors I've heard of are viral infections and MMR, and maybe

    hepatitis A, varicella, and tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis, vaccines.

    What vaccines had your daughter had, and did she by any chance have a viral infection about that time?

  • Thank you for sharing the link. My daughter coincidentally was at tail end of virus at the time of vaccination. ITP presented a couple of weeks later.

    Her older sister also had same virus and vaccines and was perfectly fine.

  • Absolutely believe that immunisation and ITP risks go hand in hand. My daughter was immunised against Chicken Pox and Hep etc for travelling purposes and appx 2-3 weeks later was diagnosed with onset of ITP.

    After extensive reading / research I am convinced that there is a likelihood of an adverse effect from any vaccines for those pre-disposed to auto immune conditions.

  • I'm 18 and had my jab for cervical cancer about 5 years ago. I never had a blood test until last november, where they found that my platelets were 55 so I already had ITP (but no doctors got back to me about it or anything and dismissed it.. which I'm pretty annoyed about) anyway since then I got strep throat which is what is thought to have sent my platelets down to 14/15 and they did a blood test and connected the dots finally. Anyway, very long winded haha but my mum reckons I had ITP for a very long time but never knew about it cos it was over 50 so no symptoms and it may have been caused by my vaccination for cervical cancer as its the only one i've had.

  • also I know a teen who suddenly developed ITP

  • Hi Gem1.

    It's listed as an "undesirable effect" in the Patient Information Leaflet that comes with Gardasil HPV vaccine. Also many cases in US:

    Also in Ireland..


  • Two of my three children have had ITP: eldest son when he was six, following a 'round-up' MMR vaccination that he didn't actually need. He had acute version with drastically low platelet counts but he recovered quickly and has been fine since. Youngest daughter has chronic type, ongoing, now five years on and her ITP started following DTP vaccine. Best theory specialists could come up with was that our children have a genetic predisposition to responding in this way to something in the vaccines... But they always advise that it's still more important to have the vaccinations. That's up to the individual to decide based on an assessment of risks but I can't find any research into the effects of vaccines on people who already have ITP so I don't know what this advice is based upon...

  • Hi Gem1

    So sorry to hear about your daughter - I hope she's doing OK now. My daughter was also adversely affected by the HPV vaccination. She has POTS and is still undergoing investigations to try to find out what's going on with her and what's underlying her POTS.

    We now have an Association for UK families with girls adversely affected by the HPV vaccination - AHVID or Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters. We're in the process of setting up a website but in the meantime, I can be contacted (as secretary of the Association) at: or via Facebook: Anyone who suspects their teenagers has been adversely affected by the HPV vaccination is welcome to contact me.

    I've sent you a private message Gem1 - hope it gets to you

    Caron x

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