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Sudden ITP

Hello All, I was diagnosed with acute ITP in October . I was in alot of pain with my joints , but I was told it was from the bruising and weakness of the state I was in. When zI was first admitted to the hospital my platlet count was 2000. I was immediately bloodtyped and given platelets to bring it up. no matter what tey did my body was destroying them as they were given . I was in the hospital the first week, they went up to 50,000. Sent home to have a bloodtest every week. At that time I was treated with 1 injection of NPlate and a drug called Rytuxin . Needless to say it didnt work very well , I was admitted back in the hospital because my platelets were at 4000 within 5 days. I was transferred to Ohio State University Medical Center in The James Hopital. My level would not go over 3000 to 4000. They started the Nplate injection again. At the moment it is stablized at 150,000. Too many of you did question why you suddenly had ITP and breakdown what it meant within itself. The meanining of the words are idiopathic thrombocytopenia , which means they have no idea what brought it on. Mine itself was brought on from from cells attacking cells within my body. This in itself helped to answer some of my questions. My ITP was brought on from Systemic Lupus Erythematosis , my mother had this as well as my sister. it is a diagnois you don't want but it holds so many answers. Most ITP is brought on from an acute attack on your immune system of your body . I had 3 injections of Nplate before I could leave the hospital . It also brought my level up 150thousand. I was finally stable to leave the hospital. It was treated with a drug they use in chemotherapy and it helped but there is usually a cause. Have them check your Autoimmune system as well. It usually hilds the answer to most ITP patients . Trust me when I say this is not something you want but if an autoimmune disease is the cause they usually have a treatment protocol . This disease can be managed now with very few side effects from infusions that are given one time a month. My sister gets it faithfully and it helps her. Lupus itself will attack the organs in your body but don't rest till youget an answer . I didnt and I gets questions eveyday becauseof the disease iself. My Mother died from it, so did my aunt. But with todays advances in the medical field they seem to have found one for me. Good luck and I will keep you posted .

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Good luck to you and I hope everything stable for you

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Good luck! Thanks for sharing.


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