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Strange Blood Test Results

I had another blood test today, and I am currently scanning over the results from last week so I know what I am comparing against ahead of my Haematology appointments.

Looking at the results, I can see that some are outside of the recommended levels. These are Red Blood Cell Count, White Blood Cell Count, Mean Platelet Volume, Neutrophil Count and Lymphocyte Count.

The doctor has also noted on the results that some of my platelets are of abnormal size and structure.

Has anybody else found this before? I am not overly that worried about it, as they haven't sent me to the hospital. I am more interested in why this is happening.

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You can use Google to see what these results mean. Lots of sites give you a break down of a blood test.

At least yours is in English.....mine is in Flemish, and their recommended levels are expressed differently to ours. I can always work which one is the platelets without too much difficulty!


I have some results out of the normal levels. White cells, neutrophil count along with others. Then the next time they are normal. My dr has never commented on any of them.


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